Aluminium Bridge Fabrication

Project Details

Client Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife
Time Frame Nov - Dec 2023
Industry Tourism

Aluminium Bridge Fabrication & Installation in Remote Tasmanian Wilderness Including Site detail & preparation of Pedestrian Bridge

This project required 3D site scanning for detailed design and site preparation, This ensured the final fabricated walk way fit correctly when delivered and installed.

After design was completed, workshop fabrication of the bridge was the next stage followed by site installation.

Due to the location site installation required the use of a helicopter to install the bridge.

Bridge footing detail
Bridge 3 D scan for Design
Helicopter Installation
Installation of pedestrian bridge



  • Location
  • Terrain
  • Pubic access
  • Popularity
  • Time frame

Skills Involved

  • Site Surveying
  • 3d Site Scanning
  • Working with Helicopter
  • 3D laser cutting for precise assembly of all components
  • Remote installation site
  • Difficult access
  • Working in highly environmentally sensitive area
  • Aluminum Fabrication