Manufacture of SAE flanges for boat building

Project Details

Client Incat
Time Frame Ongoing 4-6 week lead time on orders
Industry Marine, Manufacturing

  • These parts are a quality product that CPT Engineering are proud to supply into a world class organisation that make a high-Quality product for the global market.
  • We enjoy a close relationship with this customer working closely together to manage supply into the production line when it is needed.
  • We are accommodating to the customer requirements and often show flexibility through out production to provide what is needed when it is needed.
  • This job requires management across a number of areas and we are pleased that our customer feels secure with CPT being a trusted supplier of this product to them.
Flnges 4
SAE Flanges in machine
Flnges 2


  • Duplex 2205 is a very hard material and difficult to machine a lot of research and development has gone into working out the perfect processes and tools to machine these parts efficiently.
  • Correct tooling, machine parameters and coolant is critical to this job.
  • Waterjet cutting is used to cut the external profile of the components to give us accuracy and speed up manufacture.
  • Custom jaws made for holding parts while machining.
  • Streamlining of manufacture was achieved by utilising multiple machining capabilities and machines to maximise efficiency of each process while reducing costs on tolling wear, this outweighed all processes being done on one machine for these components due to the material grade.

Skills Involved

CNC Programming

Water Jet Cutting

CNC Milling and Turning

Material sourcing