Our Team & Culture

100% family owned. Founders, Geoff and Sally Watson jointly manage the business with son, Nick Watson, who has worked at the company since 2002.

Since inception in 1982, it’s estimated the company has employed more than 100 apprentices. Offering generations of experience, we employ a highly skilled team with the majority of our employees being long term 10 years+.

We employ more than 100 people at our two sites in Victoria and Tasmania.

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We take enormous pride in our history of being an employer of choice, and a business firmly committed to fostering and developing enthusiastic, young people who are keen to forge trade and professional careers. We have trained more than 100 apprentices – many of whom remain with the company as loyal employees.

We regularly engage external consultants to provide ongoing strategic and business development training to foster a culture of continuous improvement. We involve a mix of people from all areas of the business in our training, planning and company development which has lead to majority of our management team working up through the business. This has created a loyal team and provides the opportunity to other enthusiastic employees to develop their careers within the company.


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